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Arman (Armand Fernandez)
1928 Nice - 2005 New York

Assembled lot of 2 lithographs. a) Les samurais. Ca. 1973. Colour serigraph on vellum. 80 x 55cm (83.5 x 59cm). Signed and numbered. Number 4/100. A.H. Grafik, Stockholm (publisher). b) Untitled. Colour lithograph on vellum. 47 x 63.5cm (56 x 73cm). Signed and numbered. Number 67/99.

a) Slight surface abrasions in the black print area. Scratch marks in the lower third of the depiction (max. ca. 14cm). Minimal creases in the lower corners. Verso minimally stained. b) Minimal bumpings on the left lower edge. Slight crease in the upper margin centrally. Otherwise the work is in very good condition.

b) Not listed in the cat. rais. Otmezguine/Moreau.

- Otmezguine Jane/Moreau, Marc (eds.): Arman - Estampes, Catalogue Raisonné, Paris 1990,
a) cat. rais. no. 068. - Here with slightly divergent measurements.

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