Fritz Klimsch - Eine Dokumentation

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1870 Frankfurt a. M. - 1960 Saig

Title: Fritz Klimsch - A documentation.
With this documentation a compete overview on  the works of the artist Fritz Klimsch (1870, in Frankfurt a. M.- 1960, Freiburg i. Br.) is given.  Hermann Braun published a small volume, "Fritz Klimsch Werke", in 1980 and now completes his extensive research on the renowned sculptor with this publication.  The work offers a sound basis of information not only for the art-interested reader and collector, but especially for historic conservators and museologists.

Over 40 known and unkown works were rediscovered by the author. As a result, Fritz Klimsch, one of the leading sculptors in Berlin between the late 19th C. and 1943, can be reviewed and evaluated anew. 

Ed. Markus Eisenbeis
452 pages, 282 pages with images
linen cover with imprinted gold letters on
front and back, protective cover
format 30 x 22 cm, 1991

ISBN: 3-9802780-0-X.

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