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1878 Karlsruhe - 1955 Berlin

Title: Karl Hofer - Catalogue raisonné of paintings.
In April 2008 VAN HAM Art Publications casts a new light on the work of the renowned painter and graphic artist Karl Hofer (1878-1955), for this month marks the publication date of the extensive catalogue raisonné of paintings by Karl Hofer.

The author Karl Bernhard Wohlert conceived a three-volume complete overview of 2.900 paintings. The first volume deals with the generous illustrations of the main works, the second volume presents the catalogue raisonné. The third volume conatins the rest of the catalogue raisonné as well as an extensive bibliography, a list of exhibitions and several concordance listings.

The oeuvere of Karl Hofer extends over a period of 57 years between 1898 and 1955, an extremely interesting and fascinating period marked by the transition from classicism to classic mordernism.

Ed. Markus Eisenbeis
3 Volumes contains ca. 1.000 pages
2.500 b/w depictions, 200 colour depictions plus a CD with extensive footage

ISBN: 978-3-00-021487-5.

Janine Breidenbend
VAN HAM Art Store
+49 221 92 58 62 105

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