Symposium 2019 - Der Faktor Mensch

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Title: Symposium 2019 - Der Faktor Mensch.
The central subject of the symposium "Der Faktor Mensch" was the generational transition with reference to art. The symposium approached the field in an interdisciplinary manner, bringing together those directly involved, such as collectors, artists or gallery owners, and the professionals professionally involved with the issues and placing biographical upheavals in a wider context of understanding. The podium presented the current state of research on generational succession, especially with regard to the protagonists with an art reference. Sociological and psychological findings were brought together with expertise on inheritance and foundation law, including questions of valuation. For the value of art, which is assigned by experts, is often decisive in determining whether the solutions envisaged for possible tax burdens or claims to a compulsory portion are appropriate in individual cases. The panel is driven by the conviction that it is possible for the actors to make the transition legally correct and satisfactory for all parties involved.

The publication on the symposium has now been published by VAN HAM Art Publications, with contributions by Sasa Hanten-Schmidt, Prof. Dr. Jens Beckert, Dr. Michael Holtz, Thorsten Klinkner, Prof. Dr. Harald Falckenberg and Prof. Dr. Angela Utermann.

Editor.: Sasa Hanten-Schmidt
Hardcover, 122 Pages incl. Images

ISBN 978-3-9815510-3-7.

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VAN HAM Art Store
+49 221 92 58 62 105

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