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The Art Store offers all art lovers and collectors an exciting insight into the artist's œuvre. In addition to ceramics, his work includes in particular so-called tube sculptures made of metal or red plastic. The source of inspiration is the urbanity of the 1970s and the fascination for industrially produced materials, which are reflected in the clarity of the modern formal language.

Since 2018, VAN HAM Art Estate represents the artistic estate of the German sculptor. For more information on the VAN HAM Art Estate, please visit the official Homepage. Since January 2018 you can find the artist's catalogue raisonné online.

The sculptor Friedrich Gräsel (1927 - 2013) is one of the best-known representatives of abstract geometric art. His sculptures characterize the public space of many cities in the Rhine-Ruhr region and can be found, among others, in the Kunstmuseum Bonn, the Sprengel Museum Hannover and the Museum Folkwang Essen. In 1969 he founded the well-known artist group "B1" together with Günther Dohr, Kuno Gonschior, Ewerdt Hilgemann and Ferdinand Spindel. In 1972 he provided the German contribution to "Sculpture in the City" on the occasion of the 36th Venice Biennale.

In the early days, Gräsel produced figurative and vegetal ceramic works, including baroque-looking faiences that assert their proximity to folk art and peasant ceramics. Starting with ceramics, Gräsel found his creative focus in the motif of the tube and its connection between art and industry.

The urbanity of the 1970s inspires Gräsel to sculptures made of metal and red plastic. Industrially manufactured products with technical functions are translated into free, aesthetic compositions. Many of his works of art are variable and can be turned, pinned or arranged into ever new formations.

Gräsel's enthusiasm for three-dimensional form led to his fascination with the human being as a highly complex system of tubes (blood vessels) and condensations (organs). In this context his extensive cycle of works "Arbeitsfeld Herz" (Working Field Heart) started.

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