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If you already have a VAN HAM Connect account, you are not required to register again. Simply click ‘Log In’ and log in using your login credentials.  


Click the ‘Log In’ button in the online catalogue and submit your personal details via the ‘Create a Free Account’ form. VAN HAM requires you to provide your credit card information as bank reference (your credit card will not be charged) as well as your complete billing address. Please note, the password has to be alphanumeric (only letters and numbers, no additional characters).  

Accept conditions

Read and accept our Terms & Conditions as well as the Terms & Conditions for Online Auctions, then click the ‘Save & Continue’ button to transmit the form.

If you have forgotten your password, you can have a new one sent to you via the button Forgot your password? when you log in. 
There is a bid limit for our Online Only auctions. This limit is automatically limited to € 5,000 for new registrations. You can also apply for a higher limit when you register. If you wish a higher limit, please send a short mail to

In the case of secure bids, you will automatically receive an e-mail from the respective platform informing you that you have been outbid. You can also view the current status of your bids in the menu under "My bids".

During the current auction, the bid button is highlighted in grey if you are currently the highest bidder, so that you cannot accidentally outbid yourself. As soon as a higher bid has been placed or the current bid has gone to the hall, you can click the button again and you will see the currently requested bid above it.

We do not accept credit cards.
You can choose between the languages German and English. You can set this in the menu at the top right.