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Berlin artist Sarah Schumann (1933 - 2019) has left behind an original œuvre, including collages, gouaches and pigment works on the central themes of war, man, architecture, nature and travel. Discover an exciting excerpt from her œuvre in the Art Store now.

In the early days, Schumann's work is inspired by Surrealism, later she develops a memorable visual language that characterises her mysterious landscape paintings and portraits. As co-curator of the exhibition "Künstlerinnen International 1877 - 1977", she is considered one of the key figures of feminism.

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Sarah Schumann is considered an important representative of post-war modernism and explores the significant concepts of "horror and beauty" in her figurative works and portraits of women. Her poetic images capture the view of human existence and its surroundings. Her international travels in Europe, Russia, Africa and India are also reflected in the choice of motifs in her works.

The early work consists of expressive black-and-white photographed collages that deal with the themes of femininity, injury, war, history and landscape. The so-called "shock collages" reflect her childhood in the Second World War and her youthful experiences in the post-war period.

In the 1970s, Sarah Schumann further developed the image of the woman as the central subject of her collages. The people depicted are women from her personal environment in Berlin, especially her partner Silvia Bovenschen as well as Ann Anders and Ursula Lefkes.

International trips for the Goethe-Institut took the artist to India and Kenya in the mid and late 1980s. She also travelled to the Italian capital Rome, which she had already become acquainted with in 1978 through her Villa Massimo scholarship. Motifs of landscape and architecture photographed by the artist herself are collaged on large-format handmade paper and coloured in watercolours.

In the gouaches and paintings of Berlin's public and city baths in 1999, Sarah Schumann focuses on historical bath architecture. These unusual interiors, in which individual hands and bodies refer to people, evoke a cheerful, melancholy mood.

Sarah Schumann has closely followed the illness of her partner Silvia Bovenschen throughout her life. Testimony to the last years together and the numerous visits to the doctor are the two series in the waiting room. "Als die Tränen noch geholfen haben" (2012) and "Als rot der Tag begann die Wandlung des Doktor Prokto" (2014). They are shadowy drawings in shades of violet and red on narrow panels.

In her last paintings of colourful, delicate tulips, Sarah Schumann deals with the death of Silvia Bovenschen in 2017.

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