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1977 Frankfurt a.M.

Title: Interhorizontal Nexus I (Kiev 1).
Date: 2010.
Technique: Ink, oil pen and graphite on paper.
Measurement: 257 x 208cm.
Notation: Signed and dated lower left: Jorinde Voigt / Berlin 2010. Inscribed lower right: Kiev I.
Frame/Pedestal: Framed. Not examined out of the frame.

- me Collectors Room, Berlin 2013

- O'Driscoll, Philippa/Stausberg, Anna-Antonia: PLAY - The Frivolous and the Serious, Berlin 2013, ill. p. 27

Jorinde Voigt is a german artist who uses painting, drawing, pens and illustrations. Voigt studied fine art in Berlin, first focused on multi-media by Christiane Möbus, later the area of photography by Katharina Sieverding. In her works she deals with visualizing acctually unvisible phenomena of everyday life. Here she touches area of math, biology, physics, music and politics.
The work "Interhorizontal Nexus I (Kiev 1)" is the first part of a seven part series with the same name and make up Voigt's main pieces. Main topic of the series is the concept of horizons. According to Voigt the horizen is the general orientation point for visual perceptions. Voigt experiments with different parameters, for example the colour spectrum and the line of the horizon. Here, she does not view work with the static perception but works with possible movements and their influence on the hozizontal line with the outcome of an extremely abstract horizont line. Also, the artists does not restirct herself to one firm view but illustartes several alternative manifestations in a type of stagging. Thus the lines which at first sight seem disordered are acctually everything else than disordered, on the contrary: Voigts works follow a strict set of rules, based on arithmetical parameters and algorithms which deconstructs and invetigates partly natural, partly social phenomenons with amost such a technical precision. Voigt's aim is a comprehensive, visual depiction of the world in all its complexity and multifacetedness. With this she combine the topic horizon with a long lit of further variables and incorporate these into the work. Fundamental idea on topics such a rythem, rotation and structuring puts the work in vibration and reveal hidden connection in form of the writing.
The formal aspects of the work are example for Voigt' artitic developemnt during the past two year. Voigt who first worked mainly with small format imporved further in her drawings until she reaches almost monumental measurements, for example in this present work. One reason is Voigt's dynamic work process during which she works on pieces often for months. Also the use of colour - in our example to portray the horizontal colour spectrum - is the result of a development. She first worked only in black and white. Using colours allows her to add additional dynamic elements and vividness.
With her works Voigt develops a kind of handwriting in order to reconstruct the complexity of topics with possibly many parameters rather close to reality. She develops constalty, combines old areas of intrest to new questions, combines different techniques and methods.
Jorinde Voigt's constructed and visualized conceptional demonstartes unique artistic Oeuvre which gives her a lot of international recongintion - rightly so.

Marion Scharmann
Modern, Post War & Contemporary Art
+49 221 92 58 62 303

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