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Lot 764 | Three caddies for powered tea (chaire)

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Origin: Japan.
Date: 18th/19th c.
Technique: Fine light grey stoneware.
Description: a) Bulbous nasu shape. Black brown spotted iron glaze. Original ivory lid, underneath gilding removed. H.7cm, Ø 6.5cm. Underneath and old collector's label: "61." and residue of a red collectors seal.
b) Gourd shape (hyotan). Glazed. Original ivory lid, underneath gilt. H.6.4cm, Ø 6cm. Enclosed an old collection note: "Tea urn (Chaire) light gray fine clay with shiny, brown glaze and black-brown, slightly iridescent overglaze. Hon-itokiri. Pottery of Iga, 16th-17th c. Rare". Underneath old collection label: 2/.
c) Thin iron slip and kaki glaze (tetsu yu) with black running. Original ivory lid, underside gilt. In tsubo form on a small flat foot with itokiri. The bulbous body with turning grooves and slightly deformed. Shoulder almost horizontal, the retracted neck with swinging out lip. H.7.7cm, Ø 5.3cm. Inside a collector's label: 5. At the lip chipped and repaired, lid chipped, too.
Condition C. Supplement: Not matching: Flat, square, brown lacquered wooden box (h.6,5cm, 13x13cm) with silk bag (shifuku).

Collection Dr. Franz Haniel (1883-1965), since then bequest of the family estate.

Susanne Mehrgardt
Decorative Art
+49 221 92 58 62 400

Lot: 68290-33

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