How it works!

After winning the bid

You will receive an invoice by email within 48 hours after the auction and later on by post, in which all instructions for payment and shipping are listed. Please note that there may be delays due to weekends and public holidays.

The amount shall be made via Electronic Cash, by wire transfer or by bank certified cheques. Cheques shall only be accepted on account of performance. All taxes, costs and fees (including bank fees charged to VAN HAM) shall be borne by the customer.

Cash payments of 10,000 euros or more per calendar year will be registered according to legal requirements. Payments can only be made by the person named on the invoice. Verified and issued invoices cannot be altered.

In the event of a delay in payment, delay interest shall be charged at a rate of 1 % per month begun.

No. We do not accept credit cards.

The shipping costs within Germany, the EU and worldwide can be found in the detailed view of the lot number in the online catalogue of the respective auction. They are listed at the very end.

It is possible to collect your auctioned item personally. Please reserve a pickup date online in advance.

If you reserve a pickup date, please take into account that the lots from our ONLINE ONLY auctions are located in our external warehouse in Wesseling and the pickup can take up to 3 days.

You can find more information about shipping and collection here.