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Lot 14 | Very rare black schist figure of Avalokiteshvara

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Origin: East India, Orissa.
Date: 11th c.
Technique: Black schist, carved with detail.
Description: The Bodhisattva of compassion, Avalokiteshvara, who can be depicted in more than 30
different iconographic forms, sits here in a four-armed form in relaxed posture
(lalitasana) atop of a high double lotus throne supported by large profiled columns. A
celestial garland bearer hovers reverentially on each side of his head. The miniature
image of Buddha Amitabha on the front of the hair crown (jatamukuta) clearly identifies
the present haloed sculpture as Avalokiteshvara, belonging to the Lotus Buddha family
headed by Buddha Amitabha. The rosary (mala) in his upper right hand, and the water vessel
(kamandalu) in his lower left hand are typical attributes. The fact that he holds two
attributes in his upper left hand, is unusual, but they are both very distinctive for
Avalokiteshvara: the lotus (padma), Avalokiteshvara`s most common attribute, and the noose
(pasha), which he uses to remove impediments to enlightenment. His lower right hand,
performing the boon-granting gesture (varada mudra) is pointing towards a hideous denizen
of hell (suchimukha) cowering in the base section, whom Avalokiteshvara feeds with the
nectar of divine mercy, thus expressing his boundless compassion for all creatures. The
central figure is flanked by two small, four-armed haloed Bodhisattvas, each of them
sitting on a separate lotus throne. The base section features utensils of religious
worship, namely a conch trumpet, a lotus-shaped incense burner, and an oil lamp.
Measurement: Height 58cm, width 37cm, depth 13cm.

European private collection.


奧里薩地區   11世紀   高58cm/寬37cm/厚13cm



Susanne Mehrgardt
Decorative Art
+49 221 92 58 62 400

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